Remarks: The international phone access code for Suriname is 597.


Mission: Embassy of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana

Chief of Mission: H.E. Keith L. George

Office address: Henck Arronstraat 82

E-Mail: guyembassy@sr.net

Tel. No.: 472509 - 477895 - 08680218

Fax No.: 472679


Mission: Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Chief of Mission: H.E. Olga Margarita Diaz Martinez

Office address: Henck Arronstraat 23-25

E-Mail: embve.srprm@mppre.gob.ve

Tel. No.: 475401 - 411040

Fax No.: 427301


Mission: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Chief of Mission: Ernst Albert Noorman

Office address: Roseveltkade 5

E-Mail: prm-cdp@minbuza.nl

Tel. No.: 477211

Fax No.: 477792


Mission: Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

Chief of Mission: H.E. Dominicus Supratikto

Office address: van Brussellaan 3

E-Mail: indonemb@sr.net

Tel. No.: 431230 - 431171

Fax No.: 498234 - 434035


Mission: Embassy of the United States of America

Chief of Mission: Mrs. Valerie L. Belon (Charge d'Affaires)

Office address: Dr. Sophie. Redmondstraat 129

E-Mail: ParamariboAmEmb@state.gov      Protocol.paramaribo@state.gov

Tel. No.: 472900 - 475051

Fax No.: 420800


Mission: Embasst of the Pleople's Republic of China

Chief of Mission: H.E. Yang Zigang

Office address: Anton Dragtenweg 154

E-Mail: jort.lee@gmail.com

Tel. No.: 451570 - 451210

Fax No.: 452540


Mission: Embassy of the French Republic

Chief of Mission: H.E. Michel G. Prom

Office address: Nassylaan # 23

E-Mail: contact.paramaribo@ambafrance- sr.org

Tel. No.: 475222 - 427303

Fax No.: 427301


Mission: Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil

Chief of Mission: H.E. Marcelo Baumbach

Office address: Maratakkastraat 2

E-Mail: brasemb.paramaribo@itamaraty.go v.br

Tel. No.: 400200 - 400202

Fax No.:400205


Mission: Embassy of the Republic of India

Chief of Mission: H.E. Subashini Murugesan

Office address: Dr. S. Redmondstraat # 239

E-Mail: ambindia@sr.net

Tel. No.: 498344 - 531448 - 462772 - 531449

Fax No.: 491106 - 499382

Mission: Consulate-General of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana in Nickerie

Chief of Mission: Mr. Arlington Bancroft - Consul-General

Office address: West Kanaalstraat 10, Nw. Nickerie

Tel. No.: (0)211019

Fax No.: (0)212080


Mission: Embassy of The Republic of Cuba

Chief of Mission: Manuel Javier Rubido Dķaz

Office address: Brokopondolaan 4

E-Mail: embajador@embacubasuriname.sr

Tel. No.: 434917

Fax No.: 432626


Mission: Embassy of the Republic of Argentina

Chief of Mission: H.E. Alicia B. De Hoz

Office address: Prins Hendrikstraat # 6

E-Mail: esuri@mrecic.gov.ar

Tel. No.: 426642 - 08150646

Fax No.: 426641


Mission: Consulate-General of the Republic of Haiti

Chief of Mission: Mr. Alex N.G. Jospitre (Consul/Head of Mission)

Office address: Mr. Lim A Postraat # 21

E-Mail: cg.suriname@diplomatie.ht

Tel. No.: 521827 - 521829


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